What is a compulsive gambler?

Submitted by on Oct 17, 2019

The compulsive gambling is also known as the gambling disorder. Gambling means that you are willing to risk on something that you value in the hope of getting some greater value.

It would stimulate the brains reward system as much as like the drugs or the alcohol leading to the addiction which deals out with pathological gambling a mental disorder problem. When you have the problems with the compulsive gambling there you might compulsive chase out your betting that would lead to losses or hide out your behaviour and accumulate the debt.

compulsive gambler

How to find out, you have this problem?

When you find out the signs of compulsive gambler there you can determine its problem with the support of following symptoms.

  • Being pre-occupied with the gambling as like constant planning about how to get out more gambling money.
  • Need for gambling out with increasing amount of money were you would get some thrill in that.
  • You would try to control and cut back or stop out the gambling without success.
  • Feel as like you are restless or irritable when you try for cutting on the gambling’s.
  • Gambling out for escaping from the problems which makes you to feel more guilt or depressions.
  • Resorting out the theft for getting your gambling money.

What are the risk factors?

  • When you are a compulsive gambler there sure you would face a lot of mental health disorders as like depression, personality disorder and it also might be associated up with the bipolar disorder, OCD or ADHD.
  • It is common in your younger and middle aged people which would increase up the risk factor in compulsive gambling’s.

The other complication problems that you would face are relationship problems, poor general health issues, you would face legal problems or imprisonment, a financial problem that includes the bankruptcy at the next stage there are also a lot of possibilities for attending suicide thoughts.

When you really feel that you should escape from these problems there is a need for you to avoid the gambling in any different form. To get rid from that there is a need for you to take the treatment at the earliest stage itself. Even you can consult someone who is expert in dealing out with it so that it would create a chance for you to escape from that and to start a new peaceful life happily.

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