How to deal with a gambler friend

Submitted by on Sep 4, 2019

People who gamble may experience a shame feel and guiltiness which can make them separate from others. If they loss huge money, then their family and friends start blaming about the loss and it makes the person worried a lot. You should work out and help them to escape from those typical moments.

Before dealing a person who is suffering from those problem there is a need for you to deal with a gambler friend. After knowing about them sure that would create a chance for you to start your active mode of communication effectively.

gambler friend

Different stages of change

The different stages were your friend might face are listed below

  • Stage 1: It creates no problem.
  • Stage 2: People would start thinking about it, even though when they know about the cost and money.
  • Stage 3: Getting ready
  • Stage 4: Taking into action as well as maintaining their change.
  • Stage 5: Slip up and falls.

Through understanding out this stage you can easily respond out the most appropriate type of the support to provide.

How to help them to make them to escape from those terrific problems?

When you are thinking about how to help someone with a gambling addiction there is a need for you to identify the signs of the gambling problems that paves you a way for identifying.

After knowing about it there is a need for you to talk to them about their problem deeply because as a friend you can discuss them openly when compared to the others and there is a need for you to avoid out being accusatory.


Be sympathetic to their issues and avoid the problems instead there is a need for you to consequences and prepare for reactions.

To stop someone from gambling there is a need for you to make a call to the gambling hotline and this would sure help to realize the negative consequences. You can suggest some of the treatment that they can follow but keep in mind that they should recognize out their addiction before the treatment get started. There is a need for you to encourage them for supporting them to take part in groups.

Through doing as like this sure it would create a good chance for your friend to escape and retrieve from those typical situations and lead an active and pleasant life.

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