Can mental health affect memory?

Submitted by on Mar 3, 2020

Obviously, your memory and emotions are closely linked together. The anxiety, stress or depression can affect your focus. According to the latest research, it has found that people who face the repeated incidents of depression in their life, they also experience more hazard of emerging memory issues later in their life.

However, this research has shown that the depression as well as other problems of mental health can affect memory of an individual within a short span of time. So, it is much essential to discover the necessity of efficient management of depression to avoid the growth of regular mental health issues with the long term negative results.

At the ages of 23,33,43 and 50 years, the participants are undertaken the memory tests and other cognitive function tests for examined each individual’s verbal fluency, verbal memory, information processing accuracy and information processing speed.

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Can depression lead to memory loss?

When you cannot focus on anything, of course, you cannot even remember very well. This is because; the depression impact on memory makes you feel sad or have lost interest in the things that you have already enjoyed.

In such case, you can simply see the right mental health professional to get treated as fast as possible. Moreover, the talk therapy and anti-depressants can also support with depression.

How to manage memory loss?

Normally, the memory loss due to depression is managed with the repeated counselling or therapy and anti-depressants. So, leading an energetic lifestyle and getting involved in your public can also uplift your mood.

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Actually, the problems in mental health lead to memory loss, so now you can simply manage your memory loss by just using the memory aids. Based on your requirements and needs, this can be meant that using alarming clocks to keep track of your time, placing the safety notes with appliances or instructions and colour-coding household items.

Along with these, you might also consider obtaining a home care provider to support you as you want. In addition to, you can also join in a support group.

If you have depression, there is a chance of you experience the memory problem. Usually, the memory loss due to depression can either enhance or worsen based on your mental and emotional state.

If you notice that you have issues with your memory, you must schedule an appointment with your doctor first. They can also work with you to control a cause.

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