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Thirdhand Smoke

Tobacco Residue Isn’t Safe!

What is thirdhand smoke?
Thirdhand smoke is the tobacco smoke residue that remains after a tobacco product has been put out. Thirdhand smoke clings to hair, skin, clothes, furniture, drapes, walls, carpets and other surfaces.

Is thirdhand smoke harmful?
Thirdhand smoke has proven to be toxic and is an emerging health hazard. Nonsmoking adults, infants and children are at risk for tobacco-related health problems when they inhale, ingest or touch surfaces or materials containing thirdhand smoke.

How does thirdhand smoke affect people?
Infants and children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of thirdhand smoke as crawl on the floor and put things that are contaminated in their mouth. Infants exposed to thirdhand smoke are more likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and those exposed are at an increased risk for asthma.

Where can I find out more about thirdhand smoke?
View our thirdhand smoke rack card or factsheet.

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